Thursday, 31 October 2013

Comics Are My Rock And Roll

Daniel Baldwin is a film-maker who has spent three years putting together a love letter to DIY culture in the Small Press scene with his documentary film Comics Are My Rock And Roll.
It follows the efforts of a band of inspirational comickers and zinesters as they attempt to build from scratch an International Small Press Fair in London.
Daniel has completed filming and just requires funding for the post-production work so the film will be ready to be released.
Here's the trailer -

And here's another clip where Daniel tells part of the story using a comic -

Comics Are My Rock And Roll: Intro sequence from Daniel James Baldwin on Vimeo.

It looks to be a tremendous film, especially if you have any interest in comics.
Daniel has set up a Kickstarter here so do back it if you can so that we can all celebrate people making wonderful things whether they are comics, festivals or films about comic festivals.

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